All-electric 2024 IONIQ 5

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The new era of Electric.

Introducing the groundbreaking, all-electric IONIQ 5 – driving innovation forward.

Battery: 77.4kWh | Range: 454km*-507km* | Charging: 10%-80% in 18 minutes[X2]

Hyundai IONIQ 5




Our exclusive Electric Global Modular Platform designed specifically for the all-electric IONIQ 5. It’s modular design maximises interior space and comfort, allowing for greater cabin space and comfort, better handling and driving performance, and the convenience of ultra-rapid charging[X2].

8 year battery warranty

8 year battery warranty[B1].

For complete peace of mind, the IONIQ 5’s high voltage lithium-ion battery is backed by an 8-year/160,000km replacement warranty (whichever occurs first).

Vehicle to Load.

Vehicle to Load.

With two 250V power sockets, IONIQ 5 EPIQ gives you the energy to charge into life. Power up your e-bike, portable fridge, or compressors from the external port, keep your laptop, phone or tablet charged from the rear seat port.

AR Head-Up-Display.

AR Head-Up-Display.

Stay safe and keep your attention on the road with turn-by-turn navigation assistance projected across the windshield via the latest AR technology.

5 minute charge = 100km of range

5 minute charge = 100km of range[X2].

Enjoy the convenience of ultra-fast charging, giving you 100km distance in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee.

10% - 80% charge in 18 minutes

10% - 80% charge in 18 minutes[X2].

Quick and convenient. Equipped with an innovative 800V battery system, spend less time charging and more time driving.

Electric design redefined.

Inspired by the future, past, and present. Confidently sporting clean, sharp lines throughout its electric SUV body. The all-electric IONIQ 5 is undeniably distinct and modern.

Front View

Parametric pixel headlights.

The signature LED headlights bring light to the night with hundreds of cubic pixels.

Clamshell bonnet.

IONIQ 5's aluminium clamshell bonnet spans the entire width of the car, minimising panel gaps to improve aerodynamics while also saving weight.

Active air intakes.

The aerodynamic design improves energy efficiency so you can go further when closed and keep the vehicle cool when open.

Side View

Digital Side Mirrors.

High resolution cameras and vibrant infinite contrast OLED screens provide a clearer, wider view than conventional side mirrors.

Only available on EPIQ variant.

Aerodynamic-design wheels.

The aero-optimised wheels further echo the design theme, exuding an exclusive electric flair, harmonising beautifully with the sleek profile.

Parametric dynamics.

Parametric Dynamic shapes unite the front, side and rear of the IONIQ 5 for design harmony and flow.

Hidden power socket door.

Inconspicuous, the side power socket blends seamlessly into the IONIQ 5’s sleek, high-tech design.

Flush door handles.

Fluid integration with the body and touch sensor technology enhances style and maximises aerodynamic efficiency.

Aerodynamic rear spoiler.

Reflecting Hyundai’s design philosophy of ‘sensuous sportiness’ the rear spoiler adds sporty sensibilities and aerodynamics.

Rear View

Parametric pixel rear light.

The innovative LED lighting design continues with the IONIQ 5’s signature Parametric Pixels highlighting the rectangular rear lights.

LED high mounted stop light.

Paying homage to the design heritage of the original Hyundai Pony, the high mounted LED stop light is both distinctive and futuristic.

Power tailgate.

Approach the rear with your smart key and within 3 seconds the power tailgate will open automatically – especially convenient when you have both hands full.

Welcome home.

A thoughtfully-designed interior to meet your lifestyle needs. A completely flat floor, adjustable centre console, and power sliding seats create a roomy customisable interior.

Spacious interior | Relaxation mode | Memory seating

Hyundai IONIQ 5 Interior

Interior Design

Relaxation mode.

Relaxation mode.

Relax + Position = Relaxation. Enjoy premium comfort with two fully reclining seats in the front. Lean all the way back at the push of a single button and enjoy the feeling of zero gravity for a refreshing break while charging.

Only available on TECHNIQ and EPIQ variant.

Rear seat Vehicle to Load power socket.

Rear seat Vehicle to Load power socket.

With a 250V power socket positioned under the rear seats your passengers can charge laptops, phones and tablets with ultimate convenience on the go.

Memory seating.

Memory seating.

Adjust the front and rear-seat memory function via the digital display screen, improving flexibility for your family, and providing extra luggage space for personal convenience.

Only available on TECHNIQ and EPIQ variant.

Second row power sliding seats.

Second row power sliding seats.

Expand or narrow the distance between the front and rear seats for more space and comfort throughout the cabin for passengers.

Only available on TECHNIQ and EPIQ variant.

Cargo space.

Cargo space.

With an electric powertrain taking up less space than a conventional engine, a longer wheelbase and flatter floor creates more space for you and your family.

Adjustable centre console.

Adjustable centre console.

Customise the interior layout to your needs by sliding the centre console forwards and back to the rear seats. The console also offers substantial storage for your bag, headphones, chargers and tablets.

Sliding glovebox.

Sliding glovebox.

Slide the glovebox out like a drawer and store all your essential lifestyle needs.

Cutting-edge technology.

The next generation all-electric SUV. The IONIQ 5 combines category leading, high-tech advancements with enhanced convenience, and safety technology.

Hyundai IONIQ 5

Tech & Performance

Digital Side Mirrors.

Digital Side Mirrors.

High resolution cameras and vibrant infinite contrast OLED screens provide a clearer, wider view than conventional side mirrors.

Only available on EPIQ variant.

Vehicle to Load.

Vehicle to Load.

Introducing the ground breaking all-electric IONIQ 5, the future of electric mobility.

AR Head-Up-Display.

AR Head-Up-Display.

With turn-by-turn navigation assistance projected in your line of sight across the windshield via AR, it helps you to stay safe and keep your eyes on the road.

Satellite navigation.

Satellite navigation.

Stay connected and in control. Need to charge? The navigation system shows charging stations within range and gives you a driving radius for an accurate reading on how far your battery will take you.

BOSE premium audio.

BOSE premium audio.

Drive to the beat of your favourite music with BOSE 8-speaker premium audio system, delivering a crisp and powerful surround sound experience.

Wireless phone charging

Wireless phone charging[P1].

With no cables and a cooling function to prevent your device from overheating simply recharge your smartphone by placing it in the charging pad in the adjustable centre console.



Simplify your driving experience with the IONIQ 5’s intelligent one pedal driving feature. Using only the accelerator pedal, you have the ability to start, accelerate, decelerate and stop.

Smart regenerative braking.

Smart regenerative braking.

IONIQ 5's auto regenerative braking takes into account the preceding vehicle's speed and position via the front radar sensor and also speed limits, allowing drivers to minimise the use of physical braking and maximise energy efficiency.

Sustainable innovation.

The all-electric IONIQ 5 marks the beginning of a new era of cleaner mobility. Sustainable materials are used throughout the interior of the vehicle, creating a solution that is both innovative and captivating.

Sustainable innovation
Recyclable paperette.

Recyclable paperette.

Look closely at the detailing on the door and you’ll find 100% recyclable paperette[P3]. It feels like fabric, but it’s not fabric.

Bio-PET yarn.

Bio-PET yarn.

Bio-ingredients extracted from sugar cane have been processed to produce bio-PET yarns which are incorporated into the soft furnishings[P4] used throughout the cabin, including the floor carpet and head lining.

Recycled PET yarn.

Recycled PET yarn.

Textile material[P5] made from recycled plastic bottles is used throughout the interior of the IONIQ 5, including the seat cover and driver arm rest.

Eco-processed leather.

Eco-processed leather.

The seats are clad in eco-processed leather[P6] that has been dyed and treated with flaxseed oil extract .



Surfaces across the dashboard, steering wheel and door panels are coated with bio-paint[P7] containing oils extracted from rapeseed flower and corn.


Honoured by the world's most prestigious car awards. IONIQ 5 secured a triple win as Best Car, Electric Vehicle of the Year and the World Car Design Award at the 2022 World Car Awards.

IONIQ 5 Good Design Award - Gold Winner: Automotive and Transport.

IONIQ 5 Good Design Award - Gold Winner: Automotive and Transport.

“The long-range, ultra-rapid charging IONIQ 5 has received a Good Design Award Gold Accolade in recognition of outstanding design and innovation.. it represents a step change in Hyundai design language and is a great example of how an EV drivetrain can liberate both exterior and interior designers.”

See the Hyundai Press Release.

IONIQ 5 Carsales - 2021 Car of the Year.

IONIQ 5 Carsales - 2021 Car of the Year.

“It is immensely satisfying to secure the coveted carsales COTY award for a model that represents Hyundai’s progressive design direction and underlines our leadership in eco-friendly powertrains.. the carsales judging panel said IONIQ 5 was the unequivocal winner, securing more top votes than any model in the history of the award.”

See the Hyundai Press Release.

Hyundai SmartSense®[S]

The all-electric IONIQ 5 incorporates the latest high-tech innovations with Hyundai SmartSense ®[S] Safety features to take your electric driving experience to new heights.

Hyundai SmartSense® Hero

Safety First[S].

Smart cruise control (SCC) w/ machine learning.

Smart cruise control (SCC) w/ machine learning[S].

SCC uses Artificial Intelligence based machine learning to learn your habits for a tailored driving experience. Set your speed to the speed limit during operation and SCC will adjust your speed automatically whenever the limit changes.

Blind-spot collision avoidance-assist (BCA)

Blind-spot collision avoidance-assist (BCA)[S].

BCA provides a warning to help avoid collisions with a rear side vehicle when changing lanes and can control the vehicle as risk increases. If exiting a parallel parking spot and there is risk of collision with a rear side vehicle, BCA can assists with emergency braking.

Blind-spot view monitor (BVM)

Blind-spot view monitor (BVM)[S].

BVM displays video of your blind-spot view for a safer lane change. When operating your turn signal, BVM displays video on the 12.3” digital instrument cluster of the blind-spot view for the direction indicated.

Safe exit assist (SEA)

Safe exit assist (SEA)[S].

SEA helps avoid collisions with a rear side vehicle when exiting. If an approaching car is detected from the rear side as you open your door, SEA provides a warning. SEA also helps keep the rear door closed through the electronic child lock.

Surround view monitor (SVM)

Surround view monitor (SVM)[S].

SVM uses a series of cameras to create a real-time 3D 360-degree view of your IONIQ 5, displaying video of the situation around the vehicle for safer parking.

Lane keeping assist (LKA)

Lane keeping assist (LKA)[S].

LKA helps prevent you from departing the lane while driving. If driving above a certain speed and you leave a lane without your turn signal on, LKA provides a warning and can assist with steering to help prevent leaving the lane.

Remote smart parking assist (RSPA)

Remote smart parking assist (RSPA)[S].

Imagine coming back to your car and finding two cars parked so close that you can’t open your doors to get in. With RSPA, remotely park or exit a parking spot from outside the vehicle. Press and hold the Forward or Backward button on the smart key and watch your IONIQ 5 drive itself straight out of that tight spot.

Rear cross-traffic collision-avoidance assist (RCCA)

Rear cross-traffic collision-avoidance assist (RCCA)[S].

With RCCA, exiting a parking spot is much safer. When the IONIQ 5 is in reverse, rear sensors monitor vehicles and pedestrians approaching from the sides and rear. If a risk of collision is detected while reversing, RCCA provides a warning and will assist with emergency braking if the risk of collision increases.

Parking collision-avoidance assist-reverse (PCA-R)

Parking collision-avoidance assist-reverse (PCA-R)[S].

When you’re slowly reversing your IONIQ 5 and the PCA-R anticipates a collision with an obstacle, the system warns you with visual and audible alarms while engaging the emergency brakes to prevent the collision.

Rear occupant alert (ROA)

Rear occupant alert (ROA)[S].

This system monitors the IONIQ 5’s rear doors opening and closing so nothing is accidentally left behind inside the IONIQ 5. When you stop, turn off the vehicle and open your door to exit, ROA will display a “Check rear seats" warning message on the digital instrument cluster.

Forward collision-avoidance assist (FCA)

Forward collision-avoidance assist (FCA)[S].

Designed to reduce the risk of collision by detecting and monitoring vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. If the preceding vehicle suddenly slows down, or if a forward collision risk is detected, FCA provides a warning and will assist with emergency braking or avoidance steering if needed. Also included: Junction Turning, Junction Crossing, Lane-Change Oncoming, Lane-Change Side, and Evasive Steering Assist functions.

Driver attention warning (DAW)

Driver attention warning (DAW).

DAW analyses your driving behaviours over time. If it notices signs of fatigue or recognises that you’ve been driving continuously for an extended time, it provides a warning and recommends a rest if needed. When stationary, you are also alerted if the leading vehicle departs.

Genuine Accessories.

Every item in our Genuine Accessories range is engineered to fit, match and work with your IONIQ 5 seamlessly.

Genuine Accessories

Hyundai Accessories

Tailored carpet floor mats.

Tailored carpet floor mats.

Protect and enhance the interior of your IONIQ 5 with a set of tailor-made floor mats. Complete set comes as standard including front and rear mats (set of three).

Fitted as standard.

Tow bar kit

Tow bar kit[A1].

Engineered and developed to fit and fully integrate into the IONIQ 5.

Part Number: GIA04APH00

LTE Plus (1-phase).

LTE Plus (1-phase).

The Ocular LTE Plus puts you in charge with a Bluetooth App & colourful LCD display, showing charging time, voltage, current internal temperature and more.

Maximum output 7.4kW (1P)

Parts Number: OC20-BC-7.2KW-Plus

IQ Solar Charger (1-phase).

IQ Solar Charger (1-phase).

The IQ Solar Charger allows you to charge your car using single phase grid supply or energy generated from your Solar PV. Available with a mobile app[B2] that gives you control of all aspects of your EV charging right in the palm of your hand.

Max. Output: 7.2kw (1P)[C3].

Price includes GST.

Parts Number: IOCAW13-7T-Solar.

Type 2 to type 2 public charging cable

Type 2 to type 2 public charging cable.

Type 2 to type 2 EV Cable to connect your IONIQ 5 with a public AC charging station that requires you to BYO charging cable. The 5m cable is easily coiled to be stored in your car. Compatible with single phase and three phase charging stations.

Parts Number: OC-CHC004-5M

Portable 15amp charging cable – Type 2 to 3 pin

Portable 15amp charging cable – Type 2 to 3 pin[C2].

Portable Type 2 15A EV cable with Australian 3 pin plug allows you to charge your electric vehicle via an upgraded 15A Australian wall socket. 5m long.

Parts Number: OC-PCD030-8A/15A

Portable 32amp charging cable -Type 2 to 5 pin

Portable 32amp charging cable -Type 2 to 5 pin[C2].

Portable Type 2 32A EV cable with Australian 5 pin plug allows you to charge your electric vehicle via a 32A Australian socket. 5m long.

Parts Number: OC-PE-32A-3P

Hyundai iCare®*.

Service doesn’t end in the showroom. For years now, we’ve aimed to set the benchmark in Australia for ongoing service, care and support with Hyundai iCare®*.

Hyundai iCare®*

Hyundai iCare.*

Lifetime service plan

Lifetime service plan[H4].

Know in advance the maximum cost for scheduled services and ensure the best possible on-road performance with regular servicing by factory-trained Hyundai technicians. 

Premium roadside support plan

Premium roadside support plan.[H2]

Included for the first 24 months for the IONIQ 5. This is extended for the corresponding interval each time you complete a scheduled service at an authorised Hyundai Service Centre. Available for the Lifetime of your vehicle when you continue to service with us[H2].

Sat nav update plan

Sat nav update plan[H3].

Receive up to 10 years of map updates when you complete your scheduled services at an authorised Hyundai Service Centre[H3].

5 year vehicle warranty

5 year vehicle warranty[H1].

Along with an 8-year high voltage battery warranty so you can travel in confidence without keeping an eye on the odometer[B1][H1].

  • Disclaimers

    [C1] Charging time may increase if peak charging rates are not achieved. The purchase of a home charging station does not include the cost of installation. Installation of a home charging station is at additional cost and should be conducted by a qualified and experienced electrician.

    [C2] Only use the charging cable that is suitable for your electric vehicle. The manufacturer takes no responsibility for defects associated with a faulty charging unit or vehicle. Suitable for use indoors and outdoors, including in light rain conditions. Not suitable for use in other rain conditions. Do not submerge in water. Do not allow minors to operate. Please carefully check compatibility and use limitations before using.

    [A1] Applicable to 77.4kWh battery in 2WD and AWD variants. Max tow ball download is 100kg. Towing capacity 1,600kg braked, 750kg unbraked. Towbar capacity subject to regulatory requirements, towbar design, vehicle design and towing equipment limitations.

    [X2] When connected to an 800V ultra-rapid charger, the IONIQ 5 can recharge from 10% to 80% in 18 minutes. Charging times may increase if peak charging rates are not achieved. Charging times will also be dependent on the condition and durability of the high voltage battery, charger specifications, and ambient temperature at point of use.

    [B1] All new Hyundai electric vehicles are backed by a 8-year or 160,000km High Voltage battery warranty. For full terms and conditions of the warranty, visit Warranty Terms and Conditions.

    Hyundai SmartSense® is a registered trademark of Hyundai Motor Company. Safety features are not a substitute for attentive driving.

    * Range estimates are based on WLTP (Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure). Figures stated for comparison amongst electric vehicles tested to the same standard. Actual vehicle range will differ depending on vehicle configuration, battery age and condition, driving style and operating, environmental and climate conditions.

    [A] All Hyundai genuine accessories are backed by a 5-year warranty if purchased at the same time as a new Hyundai and fitted by an authorised Hyundai Delivery Specialist. See PDF for full warranty terms and usage recommendations.

    [P1] Wireless phone charger requires a Qi-enabled smartphone or adaptor to operate.

    [P2]  507km range applicable to IONIQ 5 19” wheel variant with extended range option pack only. Range for DYNAMIQ and EPIQ variants are 476km with 2WD Extended Range and 454km with AWD Extended Range. Figure based on WLTP (Worldwide Harmonised Light-Duty Vehicles Test Procedure) static laboratory combined average city and highway cycle test, which measure, energy consumption, range, and emissions in passenger vehicles, designed to provide figures closer to real-world driving behaviour. Real life driving results will vary depending on a combination of driving style, type of journey, vehicle configuration, battery age and condition, use of vehicle features (such as heating and air conditioning), as well as operating, environmental and climate conditions.

    [P3] 100% recyclable paperette is made from 99.7% high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and 0.3% acrylic-based surface treatment agent composition. HDPE is a plastic that does not contain any harmful substances.

    [P4] Approximately 10% of yarn composition contains bio-ingredients derived from sugar cane. Expected effect is CO2 reduction of 6% in the production process of these soft furnishings compared to chemical fibre made of general poly material.

    [P5] Approximately 10-39% of yarn composition contains recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) yarn. Expected effect when 20% recycled PET yarn is applied is CO2 reduction of 14% in the production process of the textile material compared to chemical fibre made of general poly material.

    [P6] Eco-processed leather uses flaxseed oil extract in the dyeing process instead of animal and fish oil. Expected effect is biochemical oxygen (BOD) and chemical oxygen demand (COD) reduction in wastewater from leather manufacturing process, residual flaxseed oil is biodegradable.

    [P7] Bio polyurethane paint contains ingredients from plant-extracted oil. Approximately 10% of paint composition contains biomaterial content.

    [S] Safety features are not a substitute for attentive driving.

    [S1] Please confirm local road rules and regulations prior to using this feature.

    Motor Dealer Licence NSW: MD 11424 | QLD: DL 4467592 | WA: MD 27831


    For full terms and conditions of Hyundai’s iCare program and it’s components, please visit

    5 Year Warranty

    [H1] If the vehicle has been used for private and domestic purposes and is not and has not been previously used for a commercial application, including but not limited to taxi, hire, rental, courier, security, driving school, tour, bus operator or emergency vehicle. Vehicles used at any time for “commercial application”, as defined in the vehicle warranty policy, are excluded. Passenger vehicles that are or have been used for a commercial application are provided with a 5 year/130,000km warranty (whichever occurs first). 

    Premium Roadside Support Plan.

    [H2] 24 months included Premium Roadside Support when you purchase a new IONIQ 5 V.3 and IONIQ 6. For purchases of IONIQ 5 V.1 and V.2 vehicles, Hyundai offers 12 months Premium Roadside Support. Premium Roadside Support commences from the date of the vehicle's warranty commencement. When you have your Hyundai vehicle's scheduled service at a participating Hyundai Dealer, you will receive the corresponding period of Premium Roadside Support from the date of service. This is available for all Hyundai vehicles (excludes rental buyers and taxis). See for full terms and conditions.

    Sat Nav Update Plan

    [H3] Updates are included if the vehicle completes a scheduled service at a participating Hyundai dealer. Updates must be undertaken within 10 years of the vehicle’s initial purchase, maximum number of 9 updates. As part of the Sat Nav Update process, some of your settings may need to be reset. See for full terms and conditions.

    Lifetime Service Plan

    [H4] Hyundai provides online quotes which specify the maximum price applicable for a vehicle’s scheduled service at a participating Hyundai dealer and using Hyundai Genuine Parts (where required). Online quotes are available at, apply for a stated effective period only and may change after that effective period without notice. Standard scheduled maintenance services are of limited scope. The benefit of online quotes is available for all Hyundai's, for their lifetime. See PDF  for full terms and conditions.

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