Hyundai Staria.

Space for you. All of you.

Introducing Hyundai’s people mover, the elegantly spacious STARIA. Imagine having comfortable seating for 8, latest safety and next-gen technology combined with a strikingly futuristic exterior design and optional AWD. The STARIA seamlessly turns any routine commute into an enjoyable drive with the whole family. With the STARIA your family can enjoy an effortless experience of mobility like you’ve never imagined it before.

 Make family life a little easier

Make family life a little easier.

We know how you can make carrying beach chairs, surfboards and Eskies all at once look so easy, but opening the car door at the same time? Thankfully the STARIA's Smart Power Sliding Doors will slide open for you automatically as long as you have your smart key with you. Whether you've got your hands full at the beach or while grocery shopping, it's just another way we've developed the STARIA to make you busy family life a little easier.

Smart power tailgate

Smart power tailgate.

Hands full with shopping bags and can’t open or close the boot? If your smart key is close by in your pocket or handbag, the STARIA is here to lend a helping hand. Imagine having a smart hands-free tailgate that opens when you walk towards it and closes automatically when you walk away. It’s like having an extra pair of hands when you need it most.

Available on the Elite & Highlander variants.

A big space for your even bigger life

A big space for your even bigger life.

Big families need more than just extra room. The 8 leather appointed seats[P1] are easy to clean for those seemingly everyday spills and the 2-3-3 configuration has as many possibilities as your life can throw at it, so all passengers can travel with space and comfort. The roof height and spacious interior makes it easy for kids to hop in and out without climbing over each other and the huge luggage space fits cases, tents, racquets, clubs and inflatables galore. Perfect for big families that love to get out and live life to the full.

360 degree view

360 degree view.

With a car packed with kids there are enough distractions to deal with when you're parking. That's why the STARIA has a Surround View Monitor, giving you an 360 degree view (exclusive to the Elite & Highlander variants) of the front, side and rear to make parking in tights spots even with distractions in the backseat, effortless.

3D view is available on the Elite & Highlander variants.

Enter the space age.

The STARIA’s one-curve silhouette will send your imagination soaring into outer space. Like nothing else on the road, its sleek, minimal and clean lines are complemented by a wide radiator grille, horizontal LED daytime running lights and low-set headlamps. The sheer space and openness of the panoramic windows and wide glass sunroofs add both to this futuristic design and to a stimulating in-vehicle experience for your passengers.

Hyundai STARIA

Heated & power folding mirrors.

The power folding mirrors automatically turn in when you park. While the heated mirrors demist rapidly in winter months and the LED indicators give you enhanced visibility while turning. STARIA is packed with high-tech safety and style.

Smart power sliding doors.

Imagine doors that have been designed to give your family a helping hand. If your hands are full with babies, bags or boards the doors will slide open automatically as long as you have your smart key with you. Whether you’re at the beach or grocery shopping, the advanced tech of the STARIA can help you rule your busy family life.

Available on the Elite & Highlander variants.

Panoramic windows.

Imagine the feeling of unparalleled vision and space that comes with panoramic windows so wide and expansive. Every passenger in the STARIA will remark on the unique open feeling the lowered betlines and panoramic windows bring. Wide windows also make parking both safer and easier.

18” alloy wheels.

Designed to stand out, every STARIA features our signature Steel Gray 18” alloys as a standard, plus a full-size spare for your peace of mind on the roadside.

Roof mounted rear spoiler

Roof mounted rear spoiler.

Being seen on the road is paramount when it comes to safety. The STARIA's road presence is enhanced further with the addition of LED auxiliary brakes lights into the rear spoiler. With the rear wiper hidden inside the spoiler too, the result is an improved aerodynamic drive with safety, front of mind.

LED taillights

LED taillights.

The taillight of the STARIA doesn’t disappoint when it comes to high-tech design and safety either. Curved LED lights elegantly hug the sleek lines from bumper to spoiler while also improving safety through increased visibility.

LED daytime running lights (DRLs)

LED daytime running lights (DRLs).

The STARIA’s LED daytime running lights not only add to its unique style and futuristic look, they also enhance the most important aspect of a people mover, its safety. Being as visible as possible to oncoming traffic is vital, as well as helping you to park safely in low-light spaces.

Dual power sunroofs

Dual power sunroofs.

The feeling of wide, open spaciousness for passengers in the rear is magnified by the dual power sunroof. Power adjustable tilting and sliding in the front and a power sunblind in the rear means the second and third row have a front row seat on the outside world.

Available on the Highlander variant.

Towing power.

Towing power.

Braked towing


Towing power.

Un-braked towing


Towing power.

Towball Download


Towing power.


773kg - 787kg

3.5L Petrol (2WD)

Vehicle tare weight

8-Seat - 2,920kg

8-Seat - 773kg

Towball capacity
Braked - 2,500kg
UnBraked - 750kg

Axle capacity
Front - 1,610kg
Rear - 1,780kg

GVM + Braked
8 Seat - 5,420kg

Hyundai Genuine Accessory
Towball vertical load
100kg (Standard)

2.2L Diesel (AWD)

Vehicle tare weight

8-Seat - 3,040kg

8-Seat - 787kg

Towball capacity
Braked - 2,500kg
UnBraked - 750kg

Axle capacity
Front - 1,610kg
Rear - 1,780kg

GVM + Braked
8 Seat - 5,540kg

Hyundai Genuine Accessory
Towball vertical load
100kg (Standard)

Now every journey can be effortless.

Space, comfort and cutting-edge technology combine elegantly within the STARIA. Imagine if all family journeys could be seamless, effortless and enjoyable. With the completely flexible 2-3-3 seating configuration, 10.25” multimedia touchscreen, leather appointed seats and steering wheel, 16 cupholders and the enviable futuristic design of the STARIA they most certainly can.

Hyundai STARIA

Leather appointed seats.[P1]

Comfortable, durable and easy to clean, the leather appointed seats make having kids who spill everything on your car seats a little bit easier to cope with.

Available on the Elite & Highlander variants.

10.25” multimedia touchscreen with Apple CarPlay™[P2] & Android™[P3] Auto.

Everything you need for a safe, comfortable and entertaining drive right at the tip of your fingers. The 10.25” multimedia touchscreen gives quick connection to your mobile phone through Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay™[P2] and Android™[P3] Auto compatibility for calls, tunes, apps, navigation and much, much more.

10.25” touchscreen available on the Elite & Highlander variants.

Climate control (front and rear individual zones).

Show us a family that can agree on being too hot or too cold and we’ll show you an air conditioning system that offers front and rear individual zones. Finally, a temperature that everyone can agree on.

Available on the Elite & Highlander variants.

Shift By Wire (SBW).

When you have a million things on your mind sometimes it’s easy to forget the obvious. That’s why the STARIA does your thinking for you. Turn off the engine, step out of the car and the STARIA will activate the electronic parking brake automatically for added safety and convenience.

16 cup holders.

With seating for 8 people, effortless comfort starts with everyone having secure places to put their juice boxes or hot milky beverages.

10.25" supervision cluster.

With safety at the forefront of its futuristic design, the STARIA’s 10.25” digital supervision cluster sits proudly on top of the dashboard giving the driver an unobstructed view of the road.

Available on the Highlander variant.

Heated steering wheel.

Grip, comfort and style. Add to that a heated steering wheel for those cold winter mornings and the drivers hands will be safe and toasty.

Available on the Highlander variant.

Heated & ventilated front seats.

To help you and your family feel more comfortable in all weather extremes, heating pads and an air-ventilated cooling system have been integrated into the driver and front passenger seats. Perfect for all-year round.

Available on the Highlander variant.

Superb safety.

Imagine a vehicle that cares for your family’s safety as much as you do. Whether it’s on the busy morning trip to school or family weekends away, at Hyundai, we believe that safety should never be an optional extra. That’s why we created Hyundai SmartSense™ – our standard advanced system of interconnected cameras, radars, alerts, alarms and ultrasonic sensors that know what’s behind you, what’s beside you, and can get your STARIA to react to what’s in front of you.

Blind-Spot-Collision-Avoidance Assist – Rear (BCA-R)

Blind-Spot-Collision-Avoidance Assist – Rear (BCA-R).

Every parent needs a second set of eyes and this is it. This system uses radar sensors in the rear bumper to look out for vehicles in the driver’s blind spot. When BCA-R detects a vehicle in those blind spots, it provides visual and audible alerts, and if it detects a potential collision, it initiates active avoidance steering maneuvers to steer the STARIA out of harm’s way.

Image is for illustrative purposes only.

Blind-Spot View Monitor (BVM)

Blind-Spot View Monitor (BVM).

Signaling left or right with the STARIA’s indicators will activate Blind-Spot View Monitor (BVM). This safety system can see cars travelling in rear blind spots and projects real-time video onto the 10.25” digital supervision cluster, making changing lanes on busy roads even safer.

Available on the Highlander variant.

Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA)

Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA).

City/Urban/Interurban/Pedestrian/Cyclist (camera & radar).

This system utilises front radar sensors and a windshield-mounted camera to detect cars in front that have become too close for comfort. It can also detect pedestrians and cyclists travelling in front and will automatically apply the STARIA's brakes if there's the chance of a collision.

Lane Following Assist (LFA)

Lane Following Assist (LFA).

LFA uses the STARIA’s front windshield mounted camera to detect lane markers and preceding traffic on the road and provides steering assistance to ensure the vehicle stays in the centre of the lane.

Lane Keeping Assist – Line/Road-Edge (LKA-L/R)

Lane Keeping Assist – Line/Road-Edge (LKA-L/R).

This steering-assist function detects lane markings to monitor your STARIA’s position on the road. Should you stray from a lane without activating your indicators, audible, visual and haptic vibrating steering wheel warnings will alert the driver to stay in lane and where required, steering intervention will be activated to keep you in your lane.

Image is for illustrative purposes only.

Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist (RCCA)

Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist (RCCA).

This system helps ensure driving in a carpark never resembles driving dodgems in a funpark. When in low-speed reverse exiting out of a car spot, the STARIA’s rear sensors will alert you if a vehicle enters your blind-spot – a warning will sound and a visual alert will appear in the supervision cluster. Then if necessary, emergency braking will self-activate to help prevent a collision.

Image is for illustrative purposes only.

Rear Occupant Alert (ROA)

Rear Occupant Alert (ROA).

Perfect for busy parents with sleeping children, this system monitors the STARIA’s rear doors opening and closing so no-one is accidentally left behind inside the car. When the driver stops the engine and opens their door to exit, ROA will display a “Check rear seats” warning message in the supervision cluster.

Safe Exit Assist (SEA).

Safe Exit Assist (SEA).

The STARIA's senses are always looking out for you. If it detects a vehicle approaching and a road-facing rear passenger opens their door, it will sound a warning chime reminding them to be careful and a warning sign will also pop up in the cluster. If it detects a car approaching from behind, the power doors will remain closed providing an additional layer of safety by working with the SEA system to prevent accidental opening of the rear doors when approaching vehicles are detected.

Available on the Elite & Highlander variants.

Smart Cruise Control (SCC) with Stop & Go

Smart Cruise Control (SCC) with Stop & Go.

This system utilises the STARIA's front radar sense to detect the speed and distance of a vehicle travelling ahead in the same direction and lane. It then automatically maintains a safe distance from that vehicle, up to a maximum speed pre-set by you between 0km/h and 180km/h. When equipped with Smart Cruise Control with Stop & Go the feature also works in stop-start traffic to automatically bring the vehicle to a stop or accelerate as needed.

Image is for illustrative purposes only.

Surround View Monitor (SVM) with 3D view

Surround View Monitor (SVM) with 3D view.

Employs a series of high-resolution cameras to create a real-time, 360-degree bird’s eye view of your STARIA and SVM now featuring 3D view function which displays on your 10.25” multimedia touchscreen giving you a 3D picture of the front, side and rear. With this kind of spatial awareness, parking becomes so much faster and easier.

3D view is available on the Elite & Highlander variants.

Safety Features
Safety Features

A surprising performance.

Whether it’s boats, jet skis or trailers, the 8-speed automatic transmission Diesel engine has a similar towing capacity as the Santa Fe and can handle your family’s playtime with ease. With optional AWD you can lock all four wheels together to power out of any mud or sand your off roading adventures may encounter. STARIA really is the people mover with the pulling power of an SUV.

Two engines – 3.5 MPi 2WD and 2.2 CRDi AWD.

Two engines – 3.5 MPi 2WD and 2.2 CRDi AWD.

Select from two engine types, both coming with an 8-speed automatic transmission. Whether you’re after the efficiently powerful diesel AWD, or the power of a petrol 2WD, there’s a STARIA perfect for your family.

  • 3.5 MPi Petrol 2WD – featuring a SmartStream G3.5 Petrol engine with a max power of 200kW @ 6,400 RPM and Max torque of 331Nm @ 5,000RPM
  • 2.2 CRDi Diesel AWD – featuring a R Series 2.2 Diesel engine family with a max power of 130kW @ 3,800 RPM and Max torque of 430 Nm @ 1,500 - 2,500RPM
HTRAC all-wheel drive

HTRAC all-wheel drive.

Whether you’re driving in snow, in rain or over unpaved roads, HTRAC ensures that all four wheels are providing maximum traction at all times. And for those special times when you want power distribution to be evenly split between the front and rear axles, simply press 4WD Lock.

Available on Diesel engines only.

Paddle shifters

Paddle shifters.

A people mover with paddle shift gears for sporty manual shifting? The STARIA continues to defy conventions.

Shift By Wire (SBW)

Shift By Wire (SBW).

The seamless interior is completed with our latest Shift By Wire system which does the thinking for you. With gear selection and the electronic parking brake controlled at the touch of a button, we’ve boosted the convenience so if you turn off the engine and step out of the car, the STARIA will activate the parking brake for you.

Simply smarter.

Imagine advanced technology that keeps your family connected, entertained and safe. Imagine having seamless connection with all of your devices as soon as you jump into the car and having multiple safety alerts that act like your guardian angel on the road. With Apple CarPlayTM[P2], AndroidTM[P3] Auto, 1 Multimedia port in the front, 5 USB ports and wireless smartphone charging the STARIA is packed with the advanced tech you need to ensure every journey you take, whether that’s a long family trip or the daily school drop off, is both safe and effortlessly entertaining.

Smart key with push-button start

Smart key with push-button start.

Hands full and can’t get to your car keys in your bag, jacket or pocket? The STARIA is here to help. If you’re next to the car with your smart key close by you can open the doors by simply pressing the button on the door handle. You can start the car in the same way by pressing the dash-mounted Start/Stop button. You can even remote start the engine and if you hold down the lock button any opened power windows and doors will automatically close. If only every part of life was so easy.

Available on Elite and Highlander variants.

Satellite Navigation

Satellite Navigation.

Built into the integrated 10.25" touchscreen the Sat Nav will give you accurate directions to get your next generation to their next destination - be that Saturday sport, a friend's place or a party - while wisely providing alerts about speed limits, red light cameras and school zones ahead. 

Available on the Elite & Highlander variants.

6x USB ports

6x USB ports.

Long trips with multiple devices? We've got you covered. Keep your family happy in every row with 5 USB charging ports (1 in the front and 2 each in 2nd and 3rd row) plus 1 multimedia port in the front for maximum recharging convenience. 


Multi-Bluetooth® Connectivity

Multi-Bluetooth® Connectivity.

End all arguments when it comes to who's playlist gets played. Connect two phones simultaneously making it possible to listen to music in each phone using the Bluetooth® streaming function (one for a mobile phone connection and the other for audio streaming). 

10.25” touchscreen with Apple CarPlay™ and Android™ Auto.

10.25” touchscreen with Apple CarPlay™[P2] and Android™[P3] Auto.

Everything you need for a safe, comfortable and entertaining drive right at the tip of your fingers. The 10.25” multimedia touchscreen gives quick connection to your mobile phone for calls, tunes, navigation and much, much more.

10.25” touchscreen available on the Elite & Highlander variants.

Wireless charging pad

Wireless charging pad[P4].

The easiest way to keep your smartphone charged, simply place your phone onto the pad for fast wireless charging.

Wireless charging requires a Qi-enabled smartphone or adaptor in order to operate.

Technology Features
Technology Features

Hyundai Owning Benefits.

iCare Features

So go ahead and drive without keeping an eye on the odometer[H1].

iCare Features

Know in advance the maximum cost for each scheduled service.

iCare Features

Included for the first 12 months, and extended for 12 more with each successive scheduled service.

iCare Features

A subscription service that ensures your GPS always plots your course using the most up-to-date maps.

  • Disclaimers

    *Overseas model shown. Specifications of Australian market vehicles are to be determined and may vary.

    [P1] Finishes specified as leather may contain elements of genuine leather, polyurethane leather (leather substitute) or man-made materials, or a combination thereof. Leather appointed seats available on the Elite & Highlander variants.

    [P2] Apple CarPlay™ requires iPhone 5© or subsequent model (lightning cable) in order to operate. iPhone© is a registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

    [P3] Android™ Auto requires a device with Android 5.0 operating system or subsequent model (lightning cable) in order to operate. Android™ is a registered trademark of Google Inc.

    [P4] Wireless charging requires a Qi-enabled smartphone or adaptor in order to operate.

    [H1] 5 Year Warranty.
    If the vehicle has been used for private and domestic purposes and is not and has not been previously used for a commercial application, including but not limited to taxi, hire, rental, courier, security, driving school, tour, bus operator or emergency vehicle. Vehicles used at any time for “commercial application”, as defined in the vehicle warranty policy, are excluded. Passenger vehicles that are or have been used for a commercial application are provided with a 5 year/130,000km warranty (whichever occurs first). A People Mover Van that is used or has been used for a commercial application is provided with a 5 year/160,000km warranty (whichever occurs first). A Commercial Van is provided with a 5 year/160,000km warranty (whichever occurs first) regardless of its usage. Commercial application does not include Hyundai Genesis vehicles used for hire/limousine purposes. Terms and conditions apply, view the Warranty Terms and Conditions.

    Hyundai Genuine Parts.
    Hyundai Genuine Parts are backed by a 12-month, 20,000km warranty (whichever occurs first), when installed at a participating authorised Hyundai Service Centre. You can find out more about our warranty program by downloading the full Parts Terms and Conditions.

    Genuine Accessories Warranty.
    All Hyundai Genuine accessories are subject to 5 years warranty if purchased at the time of a new Hyundai and fitted by an authorised Hyundai Dealer. For full warranty terms and usage recommendations view the Warranty Terms and Conditions.

    Roadside Support Plan.
    Included 12 months Roadside Support when you purchase a new Hyundai passenger vehicle (excluding rental buyers). Further Roadside Support extensions are available, each for 12 months from the date of a scheduled maintenance service at a participating authorised Hyundai dealer (unless vehicle is more than 108 months (9 years) from the original new car sale date, in which case entitlement to Roadside Support ends when vehicle reaches 120 months (10 years) from original new car sale date). To see the full terms and conditions of the Hyundai Roadside Support Plan, please refer to the PDF.

    Sat Nav Update Plan.
    Only applies to new vehicles with factory-fitted satellite navigation. Updates are delivered annually and are included if the vehicle completes a scheduled service at a participating Hyundai dealer. Models with factory-fitted satellite navigation, updates must be undertaken within 10 years of the vehicle’s initial purchase, maximum number of 9 updates. As part of the Sat Nav Update process, some of your settings may need to be reset. New features are available on selected models. New MY 2021 models will have the latest 2021 maps already installed in the vehicles AVN and will be eligible to install annual map updates once released by AutoEver. For all other Hyundai vehicles (excluding i45), updates must be undertaken within 6 ½ years of the vehicle’s initial purchase, with a maximum number of 5 updates. To see the full terms and conditions and model eligibility, please visit, or download PDF for more information.

    Lifetime Service Plan.
    For the benefit of Hyundai owners, Hyundai provides online quotes, which specify the maximum price applicable for a vehicle's next scheduled maintenance service at a participating authorised Hyundai dealer and using Hyundai Genuine Parts (where required). Online quotes are available at apply for a stated effective period only and may change after that effective period without notice. Standard scheduled maintenance services are of limited scope. The benefit of online quotes is available for all Hyundai's, for their lifetime. To see the full terms and conditions of the Hyundai Lifetime Service Plan Program, please refer to the PDF.

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