Hyundai and Caltex offer gives Auto Link users a 4c per litre discount every time they fill up

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Hyundai and Caltex have announced an offer that will bring owners of vehicles with Hyundai Auto Link a 4c per litre saving on fuel each time they fill up.

From 15 October onwards the offer will allow users of Hyundai Auto Link Bluetooth® and Hyundai Auto Link Premium (SIM) to use a special in app coupon to claim the fuel discount at participating Caltex service stations.

A total of 665 Caltex locations around Australia are taking part in the offer. Owners can locate their nearest participating Caltex service station by opening the map in the Hyundai Auto Link app and tapping on the Caltex icon. 

Hyundai has sold 43,028 vehicles compatible with Hyundai Auto Link across Australia to date. Owners with the latest version of the Hyundai Auto Link app driving a current generation i30, Kona, 2019 Tucson and 2019 Santa Fe, will benefit from the money-saving offer.

For customers who wish to claim the fuel discount, it is as simple as downloading or updating their Hyundai Auto Link app, logging in using MyHyundai, and presenting the QR code (available in the Coupon section) at a participating Caltex service stations. 

The generous fuel discount offer allows for one transaction per day and up to 120 litres of Caltex Vortex Premium 98, Vortex Premium 95, Vortex Premium Diesel, unleaded, E10 or diesel.

“Every Hyundai vehicle is developed with a focus on high efficiency and the smallest possible environmental footprint, which in itself saves our owners money at the fuel station. In partnership with Caltex, now we are offering Hyundai Auto Link users a further saving each time they fill their vehicle, as part of our commitment to ongoing value and customer service,” Hyundai Motor Company Australia CEO J.W. Lee said.

Hyundai Auto Link Bluetooth®

The Hyundai Auto Link Bluetooth® features will delight owners of Active and Elite grade current generation i30, Kona, 2019 Tucson and 2019 Santa Fe.

The system connects the vehicle’s smart computer to a mobile phone via Bluetooth® allowing drivers to keep track of vehicle information and get more out of every trip.

Hyundai Auto Link Bluetooth® provides a seamless overview of vehicle data, including real-time diagnostics, tyre pressure monitoring, driving history statistics, parking management, easy service scheduling and automatic access to roadside assistance.

  Hyundai Auto Link Bluetooth® presents a multitude of information, including:

•        Driving Information - Displays current distance, current travel time, today’s distance, today’s travel time, fuel efficiency, and fuel consumption

•        Tyre Pressure Monitoring - Displays the individual pressure of each tyre on the vehicle – if the tyre pressure is not within tolerance of the recommended pressure, the tyre pressure will be displayed in red

•        Driving History - Provides the owner’s driving history including arrival time, maximum speed, average speed, average fuel efficiency, fuel consumption, rapid acceleration and hard braking events, distance and travel time

•        Crowd comparison - Allows the user to compare their efficient driving with other owners

•        Parking Management - Provides parked vehicle location and parking time reminders

•        RSA (Roadside assistance) - Allows the user to contact RSA directly

•        Statistics (ECO Driving) - Provides statistics of the user’s driving pattern – results can be viewed either daily, weekly or monthly

•        Statistics (Speed) - Provides statistics for the vehicle's speed pattern

•        Vehicle Health Check - Checks the vehicle’s status and, if a problem is detected, it can connect the phone to Hyundai Customer Care Team

•        Vehicle Health Report - Provides a vehicle health report (listed in date order)

•        Maintenance - Tracks the wear of consumable parts and provides service reminders

•        Hyundai Dealer Network - Displays dealer information on the map and allows the user to select their preferred dealer

•        Message Box - A messaging system to allow contact from user’s preferred Hyundai dealer or Hyundai Customer Care Team

•        Map - Provides your current or searched locations on a map

•        myHyundai - Hyundai Auto Link is linked with the user’s myHyundai website to provide them with convenient functions for their vehicle.

Hyundai Auto Link Premium

Highlander variants offer Hyundai Auto Link Premium (SIM module) as standard. Hyundai Auto Link Premium is also available as an optional accessory on all compatible push-button start Hyundai vehicles for $495 (incl. GST).

Hyundai Auto Link Premium includes previously available Hyundai Auto Link Bluetooth® features, with the addition of new advanced convenience and comfort features.

Hyundai Auto Link Premium (SIM) features:

•        Remote engine start and stop from smartphone

•        Remote control of door locking and unlocking, climate control temperature and defroster

•        Remote activation of hazard lights and horn

•        Sets geo-fencing alerts

•        Sends emergency alert messages upon vehicle accident

The first 12 months of Hyundai Auto Link Premium features is included as part of the purchase of new Hyundai Highlander variants, and customers will automatically receive annual subscription updates when servicing with Hyundai.