Here at Northpoint Hyundai we are totally committed to providing our customers with lifetime service and care. Hyundai's iCare program ensures the future value of your Hyundai through a through its lifetime service plan.

For this reason Northpoint Hyundai provides Hyundai iCare to all new Hyundai owners, a program that offers the highest level of support and service. Through Hyundai iCare, we're able to offer you and your new Hyundai a range of servicing options.

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By having your vehicle serviced by a Hyundai iCare Service Centre, you have the assurance that factory-trained technicians, using Genuine Hyundai Parts, will carry out the work.

Built to protect you

Whenever you buy a Hyundai Genuine Part you can be confident that you’re buying the best for your vehicle, and your family. Not only are Hyundai Genuine Parts specifically designed to meet Australian Design Rules, and made to the highest standards, they’re also tested to withstand a wide range of extreme conditions and backed up by a 12 month warranty, so they’re:

  • Guaranteed to fit
  • Guaranteed to perform
  • Guaranteed to last
Why cheaper may not be safer

Hyundai Genuine Parts are tested to perform in exactly the same way as the original parts – maintaining its safety and integrity in the event of an accident, and helping to maximise your vehicle’s re-sale value.

Non- genuine parts however, rarely meet the same quality standards and can often jeopardise the efficient function of many safety features built into your Hyundai, leading to more repairs and costing you a lot more financially.

Non- genuine parts often lack the same research, development and attention to detail that Genuine Parts are made with and can affect your Hyundai’s warranty

Hyundai Genuine Parts

The best and safest choice for your Hyundai, there is no substitute for Hyundai Genuine Parts. Specifically designed and tested to meet Australian Design Rules, all Hyundai Genuine Parts are made to the highest quality and are guaranteed to work in perfect unison with all other genuine components of your vehicle.

Imitation Parts

Imitation parts are cheaper versions of genuine parts, which can sometimes be made to be as inexpensive as possible. Such low-quality parts may not meet Australian Design Rules and putting them in your Hyundai could affect the warranty of your vehicle as well as its performance and, most importantly, your safety and that of your passengers.

Second Hand Parts

Second hand parts are retrieved from other vehicles. Although they may be Hyundai Genuine Parts, their previous use could have left them damaged or worn, and can put the quality of your vehicle at risk.

So, for safety, performance, fuel efficiency and peace-of-mind insist on Hyundai Genuine Parts and rest assured your car will be back on the road with the parts that the manufacturer intended.


Protect your car with genuine servicing, flexible online bookings and competitive quotes for every Hyundai model.

As you drive away in your brand new Hyundai, you’re instantly eligible for Australia’s most comprehensive, fully transferable Lifetime Service Plan. 

Regular servicing by factory-trained Hyundai technicians will not only ensure the best possible on-road performance, it will also help optimise its resale value further on down the road. 

Every Hyundai is now eligible for Lifetime Service Plan. This outstanding program helps you to:

  • Know the maximum cost of your next scheduled service
  • No hidden fees – upfront pricing
  • Value-for-money servicing for the life of your vehicle
  • Budget your motoring costs easily


To have your car serviced at Northpoint Hyundai iCare Service Centres, click here.


Enjoy worry-free motoring with Hyundai Roadside Assist

A helping hand when you need it – Roadside Assist for up to 10 years when you service with us.

To ensure worry-free driving, each new Hyundai is supported by 12 months of complimentary Hyundai Roadside Support that’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week right across Australia. [R]

Wherever you are in Australia, simply call 1800 186 306 and we’ll organise the assistance you need.

Even better, each time you return your vehicle to a dealer’s Hyundai iCare Service Centre for a scheduled service, you could qualify for an additional 12-months extension of Hyundai Roadside Assist – and keep doing so for up to 10 years! You can find all the details here.

Hyundai Roadside Assist can help when you’ve:

  • Lost your car keys
  • Run out of fuel
  • Left the headlights on and require a jump-start
  • Need assistance to change a flat tyre
  • Towing (Including you trailer or Caravan)
  • Assistance at Home
  • Taxi to a service facility

Premium Roadside Assist

For extra peace of mind, you can take out our premium offering. In the case of your Hyundai suffering a mechanical breakdown, you will benefit from up to three nights’ accommodation, a rental or other ground transportation to either home or your intended destination and delivery of your repaired vehicle if necessary.


To get in touch with the Roadside Assist team, call 1800 186 306


We’re so confident in the quality of our passenger vehicles, we back them with a 5 year unlimited kilometre warranty.^

At Hyundai, our focus is on building vehicles that match the way our customers live their lives, and to underpin every aspect of design, build and engineering with a total commitment to quality.

We are so confident of the technology, materials and workmanship that go into every new Hyundai, that each new Hyundai passenger vehicle (including the iMax) is backed by Australia’s first five-year unlimited kilometre warranty*.

Just as impressively, we back all Hyundai commercial vehicles with an exceptional 5 Year / 160,000km Warranty.

We have invested heavily in research and development, and each vehicle undergoes stringent testing before being delivered to the dealer. In turn, our outstanding dealer network offers the expertise of highly-skilled factory-trained technicians, who ensure that every Hyundai vehicle is properly serviced so that it maintains optimal performance.


Stay on track with updated maps - refreshed twice in the first 3 years, when you service with us.

Satellite navigation makes it easier to reach your destination faster. But with roads, buildings, landmarks and other points of interest continually changing, it's important that you're always using the most up-to-date maps. That's why Hyundai iCare offers up to three years of complimentary SatNav Updates for all new vehicles with factory-fitted satellite navigation.

With map updates for vehicle navigation systems typically priced at well over $150 per update, the introduction of the complimentary 3-Year SatNav Update Plan adds significant value to Hyundai Dealer service visits. Complimentary SatNav Update is now available for customers that purchased their vehicles during 2012 and have Hyundai navigation fitted.

Take advantage of more accurate and fresher maps, new roads and areas, road network evolution, new points of interest for restaurants, petrol stations, hotels and many more. Optimise kilometres driven and reduce average fuel consumption. Save money and time through better routing and greater satisfaction with your navigation system.

Map updates include:

  • Major road/infrastructure additions & enhancements
  • Point of Interest enhancements
  • Point Addressing enhancements
  • Extended Lanes enhancements

Simply book-in for your scheduled service at a participating authorised Hyundai service centre to receive a complimentary map update.


*SatNav Update Plan: Only applies to new vehicles with factory-fitted satellite navigation.

iCare Terms

*5 year/unlimited km warranty: Applies to new passenger vehicles used for private/domestic purposes. Excludes vehicles used at any time for “commercial application” as defined in the vehicle warranty policy, for which a 5 year/130,000km (whichever occurs first) warranty applies. Refer to full warranty terms & conditions for details and exclusions. Roadside Support Plan: Complimentary 12 months Roadside Support when you purchase a new Hyundai passenger vehicle (excluding rental buyers). Further Roadside Support extensions are available, each for 12 months from the date of a scheduled maintenance service at a participating authorised Hyundai dealer (unless vehicle is more than 108 months (9 years) from the original new car sale date, in which case entitlement to Roadside Support ends when vehicle reaches 120 months (10 years) from original new car sale date). Find out more about all Hyundai iCare plans and offers, including terms and conditions, by visiting  

^If the vehicle has been used for private and domestic purposes and is not and has not been previously used for a commercial purpose, including but not limited to taxi, hire, rental, courier, security, driving school, tour, bus operator or emergency vehicle. Passenger vehicles that are or have been used for a commercial purpose are provided with a 5 year/130,000km warranty (whichever occurs first). An iMax that is used or has been used for a commercial purpose is provided with a 5 year/160,000km warranty (whichever occurs first). An iLoad is provided with a 5 year/160,000km warranty (whichever occurs first) regardless of its usage. For full terms and conditions of your warranty, click here

[R]Roadside Support Plan: Complimentary 12 months Roadside Support when you purchase a new Hyundai passenger vehicle (excluding rental buyers). Further Roadside Support extensions are available, each for 12 months from the date of a scheduled maintenance service at a participating authorised Hyundai dealer (unless vehicle is more than 108 months (9 years) from the original new car sale date, in which case entitlement to Roadside Support ends when vehicle reaches 120 months (10 years) from original new car sale date).